For clients

World Wide Professionals is the No. 1 specialist within the international labour market for technologists.
We are totally focussed on the niche international market of college and university level Engineers and Technologists.

At World Wide Professionals, we ensure that only the best-qualified candidates will be selected to meet your specific needs.
Our years of experience and expertise in the labour market for engineers and technologists, combined with our personal and tenacious approach, guarantee a perfect match.
We serve the international market from our offices in Haarlem (NL) and Canterbury (UK).
Within the Engineering and Technology specialisation, we can deliver service in almost all areas/sectors:
  • Building and Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Maintenance
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Electronics

How we add value

We add value by placing a different emphasis on each of the segments above.
We know the world of technology inside out and better than anyone. A world that is characterised by candidates who love the job, have a high work ethic and place the interests of the business above their own. Properties for which engineers are universally renowned. But that doesn't mean that this is where their competences and ambitions stop.
We believe that it is important to not only verify with you which hard qualifications a candidate must possess, but also the additional qualities that are desirable for the function. Qualities that may relate to personal attributes as much as they do to competencies.
Not all engineers possess the competencies that are required to work and manage at a higher level within a company. Managers are increasingly required to demonstrate capability in the 'soft values': connecting with people, strategic thinking, tactical action.

Besides quickly and correctly identifying the right candidate within the technological discipline, we also possess a great deal of knowledge and expertise about international and local labour laws and regulations. This is beneficial to both the candidate and the client.

Working method

To make the correct match, we always conduct an extensive preliminary discussion. The preliminary discussion will be carried out by an experienced technical consultant with many years of experience in engineering, business, management and recruitment. Only then can we ascertain a clear picture of the vacant position. The discussion is also very important for you. In the discussion, we will give you honest feedback about the job profile, the salary offered and the anticipated number of matches in the current labour market. We will also let you know what you can expect from us.
Mutual commitment is vital to the success of an assignment. Non-commitment is a poor foundation for success. That is why in principle, we only take on work where there is a particular commitment to succeed. We work in the recruitment market using established recruitment methods, including temporary staff, temp/fixed or search. We make agreements that are customer-specific.
To bring the job description to the attention of potential candidates, we use multiple recruitment methods simultaneously, as well as our networks, candidate databases, recruitment advertising, social media and direct search or executive search. Over the years, we have built up a network that now consists of tens of thousands of potential candidates. For each vacancy, the optimal combination is used.
We invite the best candidates and assess their knowledge, experience and skills while keeping a sharp eye on the personal qualities of the candidate. The candidates that we select are presented to you based on their original CV and a personal report prepared by the consultant. The results of the personality test carried out by the candidates are included in this report.
In the final phase, we support you by providing advice while the terms of employment are negotiated.